About ArgenTIna IT.

IT International Business Network

"Argentina IT", an IT International Business Network, is an initiative being conducted by CESSI under the SSI Sector External Markets Development Plan .

It is an international platform designed to facilitate insertion and consolidation of Argentine software and IT services companies into attractive world markets.


The program gives a bigger support to Argentine companies developing overseas business, strengthening the relationship between local and Argentine companies, promoting partnerships and joint developments, innovation and cooperation.

The plan is to open offices in key destinations, where we will provide operational support and technical advice, coordinate business meetings, generate content and promotional material, and provide reports on IT demand and supply, among other issues.


April 25, 2013, the signing of the Founding Regulation by the first 34 and confirmed member companies took place, opening offices in five countries: Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and the U.S.

We invite everyone to learn more about this ambitious program, entering the sub-section of the country of interest.

About ArgenTIna IT