Epidata Consulting

Epidata Consulting

Epidata is a Software Architecture Oriented Company that provides high performance software management solutions in less time with lower risk than Organizations can accomplish on their own. We have a 10 year proven track record of successfully supporting Multi-National Corporations.
Combining solid understanding of business processes with deep industry knowledge, Epidata gives IT leaders practical solutions tailored to address their most crucial business challenges.
Epidata provides customized analysis, performance assurance, software architecture assessments, and client training, coaching and co-team development in innovative technologies. Every project’s challenges are confronted with passion, enthusiasm and a commitment to the objectives of each client

1. Performance Assurance
Performance Assurance for software solutions optimizes performance quality for all applications, including the integration of external systems and aligning objectives with business goals and strategies.
2. Fire Fighting
Epidata’s Performance Problem Resolution methodology identifies challenges through integral root-cause diagnostics of production environments ensuring stable operations of mission critical applications. Documentation of “lessons learned” enables continuous high-performance practices, avoiding reoccurrences of critical situations.

Software Architecture
1.Software Architecture Design and Assessment
Client-based projects and services are managed using state-of-the-art agile software architecture and technologies. Our Software Architecture Assessment consists of an integral evaluation focusing on client characteristics and needs, strategically aligning IT needs to client business objectives.
2.Consulting on Demand
Practical and flexible consulting-on-demand uses the technical ability of our specialists to efficiently resolve any challenge that appears planned milestone metrics in each stage of a project as well as during routine IT operations.

1. Project Management
Our Project Adminis¬tration organizes and manages the best fit team to ensure a successful project execution.
2. Agile Development
Our clients need to innovate and deliver fast, to high standards, with tight resources. We provide software design and delivery, and expert consulting to make sure they succeed.
3. Development, Research and Innovation R+D+I at Epidata drives technology innovation by maximizing our client’s Input and vision while maintaining the highest international quality standards.

Training and Coaching
1. Client and Staff Training and Development
Epidata’s Award-winning continuous improvement Client and Staff Training and Development are essential for performance effectiveness. Our Customer Focused Training services focus on identified client needs. We offer personalized courses on software engineering conducted by experienced and specialized professionals.
2. Certified Training and Coaching
Epidata Consulting has strategic alliances with top-tier global software producers, such as Red Hat/JBoss, Oracle/BEA, Sparx Systems/Enterprise Architect and Adobe/Flex amongst others. As education partners, we offer courses and official certifications delivered by our experienced professionals.
3. Epidata Training Process
Epidata Training Process is an innovative process of data gathering, organization, education delivery, evaluation and monitoring. Each step is designed to contribute to effective organizational change management in our Client’s IT processes.

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