G&L Group

G&L Group

G&L is a private argentine company that since 1994 provides Information Technology Services and Solutions. G&L has extensive industry experience, specializing in bank and finance, industry, telecommunications and public sector.
The business services and solutions offered by G&L are recognized both in the domestic and international markets, as it sells products and services in the following countries: USA, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Uruguay, Spain, Lebanon, and Switzerland.
G&L has over 400 experienced professionals helping their clients to transform their business requirements into real solutions.
The Quality processes are supported by the CMMI Level 3 certification in the Software.
Since its foundation, G&L interest was to promote innovation responding to the continuous challenges of the markets. A team devoted exclusively to R&D was created. As a result of it, 7 international innovative projects were certified under the Iberoeka seal.

Software Development & Testing

Software Development
G&L specializes in different technologies and environments, such as Mainframe, Open Source, Web, Mobile, and Social Networks, using all the necessary development languages and tools to meet their clients' requirements.
The Software Development Division provides development and maintenance solutions, helping its customers to get several benefits:
•Competitive costs
•On Demand requirements (customized development)
•Technical Skills.
•Personal attention
•Detailed Service Level Agreements.
The Software Development Division was certified with CMMi level 3.

Testing Factory
provide clients with unbiased and independent information about the quality of their products or services in order to learn the risks associated with implementation decisions.
We developed a testing methodology based on the CMMI model whereby the Testing Process and tasks involved take place throughout the project life cycle.
G&L has a multidisciplinary specialists team working on applications testing, ensuring their quality and reliability through faults detection and preventive actions
Among others, some tests performed by the Testing Factory are:
•Functional Tests
•Integration Tests
•System Tests
•Regression Tests

Methodology and Process Consulting

G&L offers professional services in:
•Quality Models Training.
•Current Environment Diagnostic (As-Is).
•Improvement Plan Development and Implementation
•Advice on tools and Project Management.
•Assessments with qualified Team Members.


ITIL - Information Technology Infrastructure Library
CMMI - Capability Maturity Model Integration

Infrastructure Services

1. Servers Administration Services:
Equipment configuration improvement.
Disasters recovery plans execution.
IT infrastructure consulting.

2. Virtualization:
We create Virtual environments in Operating Systems, Hardware and Applications in a unique machine by using a shared configurations of physical features (memory, disk, processor, etc).
• Investments optimization
• Energy consumption efficiency
• Reduction in:
* Maintenance Cost
* Personnel Cost
* Supporting contracts
Virtualization provides solid solutions by adding Disaster Recovery, Clustering and Backup, among other complementary services. G&L offers proven experience during many years in:
• Consolidation, Virtualization and Micropartitioning in AIX
• Consolidation, Virtualization and Micropartitioning in SOLARIS
• Consolidation, Virtualization and Micropartitioning in HP-UX enviroments

3. Databases administration services
Physical design refining to meet systems storage requirements
Performance and parameters management
Commissioning / installing / customizing applications to fit for purposes

4. Storage services, data backup and recovery:
Customer IT security policies met.
Consolidate and migrate file and print servers to simplify backup and restoration.
Data protection tools for critical servers deployment.

Banking and Finance

In order to implement such solutions, G&L rely on a basic product for Electronic Transaction Management.
In this regard, G&L offers Mobile and Web Banking solutions for Banks and Financial Companies.
In line with the evolution of Channel solutions, the company developed the Financial Care System (TAF, Terminal de Atención Financiera, in Spanish).
TAF is a solution especially conceived to support financial transactions at non-traditional customer care points for the banking system. is devised to operate based on the multi-bank Banking Correspondent system, which helps offer financial services anywhere you wish to increase the number of customer care points or where, given the cost to open a branch in the area, it is not advisable for financial entities to set up their own customer care points.


G&L is an organization engaged in developing innovation and technology products for the public sector, with broad experience in project planning and deployment.
Thanks to our broad experience at the municipal, provincial, and national levels, G&L can meet the needs of governmental agencies as to both IT solution consulting and implementation projects in the public sector and in programs funded by international lending agencies.
G&L has a cross-functional team of professionals with a proven track record in Institutional strengthening efforts and development of applications for enhanced services and demands generated in the Government sector.
Among the development of products designed for the sector we can mention the Authorization Management System for Business SGH, for the authorization, query traceability, feasibility, dealing, and follow-up of municipal economic activities, in addition to other products for government sector management and dealing administration tailored to each agency.


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