We are a French influenced, Argentinean company competing in the local market since 1992. We offer a strong combination of knowledge of the software industry, market expertise, IT solutions, outsourcing
capabilities and technological support that enable companies to improve their revenues and streamline their operation. We enable our clients to better position themselves in this new era of converged services.

We incorporate new cross-practices that position us in the telecommunications, banking and insurance, oil and gas, manufacturing, and health markets, and today we are a cross-IT company.

We are one of the three industry companies in Argentina with ISO9001 certification and accreditation CMMI Level 5.

In these 20 years in the Argentine market, we gained more than 120 customers in Argentina and the region and in the last seven years we increased five times our turnover.

We are one of the Top 10 IT employers in the local market, and over 3500 people formed part of Sofrecom. More than 2500 professionals were trained in our Professional Training Center (CEP). We also
trained and gave their first employment to over 800 people. We currently have over 700 specialists.  

These achievements and positioning contribute to our customers considering us as technology partners, offering them value-added solutions and strengthening our partnerships with Microsoft, Ciena, Juniper and

We export our services to Europe and Latin America. We have high commitment to protecting the environment (Green IT policies), and to the community through our Corporate Responsibility activities.

Applications/Solutions Architecture: A well-managed Solutions Architecture facilitates and guarantees to companies a model of homogeneous and organized development.

Through our Architecture solution we promote that all elements of IT integrate and work together through a methodological framework that unifies the language, techniques and practices of all the processes of your company.

We dispose of a Corporate Technology Architecture design that is reliable, proven and with a high level of maturity in response to the needs of your business.

Problems it attacks:

Specific problems evidenced in the architecture quality of an application/solution: flexibility, performance, availability, extensibility of solutions, functionality, confidentiality, security, interoperability, integrity, portability, maintainability, reusability,
scalability, testability.


 - Business: Improving Time-to-Market.

 - Flexibility: Adapting to the needs of the business.

 - IT: Improving productivity and cost optimization.
Reusing devices and/or components. Reducing response time to internal customers. Maintaining quality standards in the development teams of customer applications.

Assessment, Optimization, Design and Construction of architecture components/artifacts to solve specific problems evidenced in the architecture quality of an application/solution.

Tools Used
EA Enterprise Architecture, Microsoft Visio


We analyze, optimize, evaluate, design, redesign, empower and include architectural/code components of a critical system using case studies, methodologies, frameworks and best market practices within the definition of requirements agreed with the client that hires the service and with previous agreement of service level.

Collaboration Services:

We improve organizations efficiency by making their professionals work better together by modernizing communication technologies both internally and externally.

Problems it attacks:
• Lack of organization, communication and collaboration in the organization: work teams that cannot share information and work together
• Poor document management: storage disorder, not versioned, unprotected documents, not centralized information, limited access to information from any device, anywhere
• Limitations to share resources and data
• Lack of intranet, extranet and Internet applications for the company
• Weaknesses in the resolution of processes: lack of Workflows or cumbersome and inflexible design and operation
• Difficulty performing search integrating different data sources and search any content and people

By implementing our collaboration solutions we will:
• Timely locate information, centralizing and unifying the knowledge base of your organization, avoiding duplication of information or blackouts generated by turnover
• Automate business processes in a centralized tool that allows you to configure your workflow and get about their performance indicators
• Minimize the use of email and have more control of the type of information accessed by every employee of the organization
• Improve teamwork, encouraging the use of more effective communication channels according to the type of content
• Reduce costs to optimize your logistics costs, infrastructure and communication
• Improve communication with others, providing facilities for the collaboration with your customers or strategic partners.

Our services include:
• Consulting
• Infrastructure Sizing
• Installation
• Configuring
• Custom development
• Development Services

Tools Used:
Our Collaboration Services team has expertise to offer solutions in various technologies, primarily Microsoft SharePoint, in conjunction with Exchange, Lync, Office and the entire family of Microsoft products.

Custom Development Services (DAM) and Software Factory:

On the basis of the problem defined by the customer,and from their survey, we set up the best solution to implement, for their subsequent analysis, selection and implementation.

 We provide analysis, design, construction, testing, integration and implementation of IT solutions that meet the business needs of our customers.

We alleviate the complexity of custom projects, from analysis to implementation.

We provide software development services, analysis and  programming for the project development according to the client's needs. The project is evaluated and the necessary steps are established in order to give you the possibility to use the system during the course of development, test it with users and take into account their views down to its final implementation.

Mobility Solutions:

We exploit the potential of Smartphones with our mobile solutions. We improve the efficiency of organizations by facilitating the execution of tasks that can be performed today without the need for a PC, shortening distances between your company and your customers or employees.


• Consulting BYOD
• Custom development
• Development Services


• iOS
• Android
• Windows 8
• BB


By implementing our mobility solutions you will
achieve the following benefits:
• Optimization of business processes
• Cost reduction to optimize logistics costs, infrastructure and communication
• Improved communication with customers, strengthening relationships or generating new sales.
• Better use of cell phones, having to make a minimum investment in infrastructure
• Distinction from the competition through technological innovation.

Problems it attacks:

• Transfers for tasks that involve a lot of time on the street
• Response time to the customer
• Administrative Time
• Errors and wasted time
• Large investments in communications solutions
• Lack of automated information


Our Relocation Services team has expertise to provide solutions in various mobile technologies and have experience integrating them with management systems.


  - Focus on the user experience
  - Story Board
  - Agile methodologies
  - Early deliverables
  - Adequate and controlled flexibility

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