TISA is a software engineering company that offers its experience in the construction of applications and products from its bases in United States (Houston) and Argentina (Buenos Aires).

Nowadays, a services company demands understanding and quick response to
satisfy the needs of the customers, helping them to improve their competitiveness
and efficiency. Success will depend on the agility of adaptation to the shifting rules
of the market. The use of cutting-edge technology is one of the factors that help the achievement of this goal.

The offering of innovating solutions demands a high degree of knowledge and technological development; it is necessary to have a reliable, technologically solid structure and specialized human resources with a high level of proficiency.

In order to select a software solution it is necessary to evaluate the supplier’s
response to key questions, like the security of critic resources, data confidentiality,
the methodology to be applied, communications availability, a structure of specialists available to the customer, experience and knowledge of the market.

The administration of Personnel Information has become a bureaucratic administrative burden.
PEOPLE manages all your Personnel’s information in a simple, centralized way.
Many companies are currently using inefficient, hard to integrate spreadsheets as a makeshift personnel database, which are often outdated.
PEOPLE offers your company the possibility of integrating that information into a common platform reducing the administration times and increasing the information quality.
The access to the historical information of your personnel and the emission of online corporative reports are now easier than ever.
People has been designed and developed to help companies in the Administration of Human Resources.

It was developed to manage oil wells, their operations and tracking of tools.
The commercialization stage generates a set of data that are recorded, allowing the generation of a large number of reports, analysis and post-sales information.
This application supports the management of the operation bases, through installations, pullings, repairs, etc.
The user has on-line access to the transactions generated by each operation base, and reports according to the level and needs of each user. It is also possible to generate consumption reports, seldom used parts and order calculation.
Through these movements our system records data of the constituent parts of the pump, how they enter and leave the workshop, issues of traceability, failure causes, dates of beginning and end of operations, controls and tests, as well as data relating to the well where it was installed, its depth and materials, among others.
All these data will provide statistical information to the Sales Staff and Customers, from the point of view of each well, or each pump installed.
For rented or leased equipment, the system measures the level of investment made in each well within this modality and contrast it with the incomes.
It also provides to the Customer an external access by a DMZ module.

GOA is an Authorization System with Tracking of Expenses, Purchases and Requirements. It centralizes the company’s internal approval flow in a dynamic and flexible way.
GOA is easily adapted to the internal policies of the company, with a Configuration Panel that contemplates the different variables required by the organizational models.

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