Compañia Bellatrix
Fundación 1993

Sobre la compañía

Belatrix Software helps clients achieve the full impact of their R&D capabilities. Belatrix develops high quality, innovative software, QA and testing that enables clients to generate best-in-class, revenue producing software products, decrease time to market, and gain competitive edge.  The company’s mission is to be a passionate global partner delivering software innovation to enhance client’s aspirations. Belatrix’s clients include both established Fortune level and emerging, venture backed firms.  A rising brand in Nearshore Agile outsourced software development, Belatrix Software has relationships with  Adobe, SirrusFM, mFoundary, and Chatham Financial. Belatrix has more than 220 IT professionals and is headquartered in Mendoza, Argentina with offices in Boston, Naples, Mendoza, and Lima.

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